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Surviving Self Isolation One Vinyl At A Time

I am a big silver linings person. Focusing on the positives has really helped keep my anxiety in check. One thing I am so grateful for is finally having time to stop and smell the roses, or in this case listen to the vinyls.

When was the last time you listened to an entire album all the way through? I don’t mean just on in the background, I mean actively listening. It wasn’t until I married a musician that I fully understood the thought and energy that went into curating an album. I didn’t know that the vast majority of artists write and record songs for an album that don’t make the final cut. It is a very thoughtful process picking which songs go on the album and the order in which they go.

During the ‘Stay at Home’ order we have been able to do many more Vinyl Nights than usual. What’s a Vinyl Night? Glad you asked. We each pick a vinyl from our collection, pour a glass of something tasty, put our phones away, and actively listen to the album all the way through. I like to read the lyrics and he likes to admire the album artwork. We note the producer and record company to search for other albums we may like.

Taking time away from social media & the news has never been more necessary. It is really refreshing to just take a couple of hours to focus on mental & emotional self-care and escape the constant stream of panic, statistics, and anxiety that come with screen time right now.

What We’re Working With

This is a pretty modest set-up with good sound that will give you lots of room to upgrade.

As you can probably tell we are a big music household and love to incorporate music into our home decor. We love to display records and album artwork with our Twelve Inch record wall mount display! I really like this display system because there are no frames & we can quickly switch which album we are displaying to match our seasonal decor. They are super easy to install/use and are only $20 on Amazon!

Listening to a classic album can be such an emotional experience outside of just the music. I’m talking about the most famous, quintessential albums in this case. These albums are filled with songs EVERYONE has heard a million times throughout their life. We can easily take them for granted as just having always been there, especially if they came out before you were born. But have you ever thought about the beginnings of these legendary songs?

Can you picture Paul McCartney sitting down and writing “Let It Be”, or Freddie Mercury with a pen and paper writing “Bohemian Rhapsody”? Can you imagine people buying these iconic albums the day they came out, and listening to these songs for the very first time? Listening to an album on vinyl (especially an original pressing) has a way of transporting you back, making you feel connected to those people, to the artist, almost like you are hearing it for the first time too!

If you are new to the vinyl world check out our friends at Black Circle Radio on Monday nights!

A HUGE thank you to Twelve Inch for sponsoring this post!

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