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Our Upstairs Office Remodel

Little did we know when we started this project in January that I would be working out of the office EVERY DAY for a solid 3 weeks.

Once all the roommates moved out after we got married this space was used primarily for storage. It was bland, small and to be quite honest awkward. The second story of our house was an addition and lacked all the charm of the first story.

This was the first home improvement project we were not under a deadline to complete (that we knew of). We took our time, only working on it when we felt moved to. It was wonderful to just close the door on the room & take the weekend off. Luckily, we got it done just in time for the statewide mandatory self-quarantine!

How We Did It

  • We took up the peel & stick fake wood flooring a past roommate put down.
  • Installed new flooring to match the rest of the second floor.
  • Designed, built & installed a custom full wall bookshelf/window seat
  • Installed new baseboard & a high chair rail
  • Patched & sanded about a million holes
  • Painted
  • Installed a new light fixture & curtain rod
  • Brought in some new & old furniture (the desk is actually from my husband’s office before we did his builtin)
  • Styled the space

Every other room in the house is a collaboration between my husband and my taste. This room was particularly fun for me to design because it was MY space. It is a little more moody, girly, and funky then any other room we have previously renovated. Although I will probably never stop rearranging the stuff on the bookshelves I am so happy to have space to work in that is distraction-free.

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