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February Meaningful Meetings

If you read my 2020 goals blog post you know one of those goals is to have 52 meaningful meetings in 2020! What is a meaningful meeting? A one on one positive meeting with someone to discuss their passions/projects without any agenda or planned outcome. 

My February meaningful meetings were with a handful of women who I truly admire.

My first meeting of the month was with Celia Croff.

I have had the pleasure of calling Celia a friend for nearly six years. Our friendship began at a mind-numbing networking event and was sealed with a VERY confident lie on her part that resulted in me trying black bear stuffed mushrooms for the first time. Our impromptu meeting was over FaceTime because Celia has recently relocated to North Carolina where she is building an amazing veteran employment outreach program (among several other things). Celia’s dedication to our nation’s veterans is beyond inspiring. Even outside of her day job she finds ways to volunteer and support veterans however she can.

She is tough. She is smart. She is compassionate. She is unwavering when it comes to accomplishing her goals. Never have I met a woman so true to herself and sure of her convictions that nothing seems to shake her. I adore her no-nonsense attitude almost as much as her quick wit and sense of humor. I am calling it now, she is going to do BIG things people.

My second meeting of the month was with Anna Gustafson.

I am lucky to be able to say I had the good fortune of crossing paths with Anna a couple of years ago. Anna is the one-woman-show behind the Muskegon Times and I am one of her biggest fans. This woman’s passion for shining a light on Muskegon and it’s residents is truly amazing. She is constantly sharing positive things happening in our growing community and the stories of triumph of our neighbors. If the work she is doing isn’t inspiring enough she is also the first to jump at any opportunity she is offered to help our community grow, whether it be judging a local pitch competition, or sharing her education and expertise at a lunch & learn.

Anna is a literal ray of sunshine. Her enthusiasm, positive energy & smile make you want to soak in her presence as long as possible. I anticipated our meeting would last an hour, then 5 hours later we had gone through 5 different servers and the bar we met at was closing down. She is so easy to talk to and her disposition makes you feel like you have been good friends for years. Muskegon is so lucky that Anna chose us to shine her light on.

My third meeting of the month was with Bethany Cramblet.

When Bethany and I met we quickly bonded over conspiracy podcasts and fancy scotch glasses. Bethany not only excels in her craft (Joy Photo) but also helps other photographers grow their business by co-creating her second business Snap Joy Studios! She doesn’t see other area photographers as her competition but as her community. I had the pleasure of having her over for dinner for our meaningful meeting & if her amazing photography skills didn’t make me envious enough her culinary talents put me over the edge. Bethany is a woman of many skill sets and she is happy to share them with anyone who wants to learn.

What I admire most about Bethany is her ability to be completely authentic. She is unapologetically herself in a way that is unique and somehow still really relatable. This woman is a walking paradox. She is simultaneously one of the smartest people in the room and also one of the most approachable. Her warmth, kindness and seemingly neverending talents are unforgettable.

My fourth meeting of the month was with Brigit Hassig.

When Brigit and I met our personalities immediately clicked. She radiates compassion and positive vibes. Her passion for helping others and her giving energy is a contagious combination. Brigit is one of those friends that you catch up with and feel like you just left an awesome therapy session. She is so open-minded and is one of my favorite people to turn to when I am in need of a new perspective. I challenge anyone to spend time with Brigit and not leave in a better mindset. I am so happy she is able to fulfill her calling through her business The Wellness Lab!

Brigit has inspired me in many ways, but the most impactful has been to be more introspective. I admire her ability to set boundaries and expectations in her life based on self-reflection. She has taught me that by asking myself seemingly obvious questions I can make simple changes that can determine my overall happiness in a situation. Her resilient and solution-focused mindset makes her an asset to any important conversation. I feel so blessed to have her in my life and to be able to call her a friend.

Each of these amazing women has harnessed their talents to give back to their community or industry. They have each found a way to contribute using their gift and I am grateful we have people like them. Thank you for sharing your time & your light with me!

8 down 44 to go!

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