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The Seven Totems of Thrifting

So you want to be a thrifting-pro or maybe you are considering a novice entry into the thrifting world. Whether you’re considering a maiden voyage to your local second-hand-shop or you are a GoodWill-Guru, consider searching out these Seven Thrifting Totems an elucidation of all things second hand worthy.

Jack-Up Your Jacket Game

Let’s talk Jackets, or what I consider a cornerstone for first-time thrifters. Seek out something whimsical – a statement piece. Find an oversized long cut for a duster like fit. Think loud pattern, embroidered detail, maybe some sheen or sparkle. This can make an otherwise all black outfit pop like none other.

The Bling Ring

This one is easy and will ensure a unique signature pop. Let’s face it costume jewelry from today’s fast fashion just isn’t made as well as the pieces of yesteryear. So why not find a piece that’s withstood decades and is just waiting to be worn with an updated wardrobe. What are you waiting for – go gem hunting!

Get Classy with Glassy

You can never go wrong with glass. First-time thrifters try hunting for a statement serving platter or pitcher. Experienced thrifters will know the rush of seeking out a vintage bar set or curate a set funky colored glass goblets

Bask in the Basket Section

You can’t mess this one up. Whether for storage or décor look to baskets galore. It can be tough to match the color so consider a neutral or wood tone paint to cream uniformity.

Put it in the Bag

Finding a designer bag at a thrift store is a pro-find. I personally have scored a $10 Dooney and Bourke and a $5 Long Champ bag at my local thrift stores. But it doesn’t have to be designer or high end for you to procure this Totem – bag styles are all over the place today. So look for a flashy colored tote or a simple black crossbody.

The Denim is in the Details

It’s a classic item with decades of life to give. Denim has a huge environmental and human cost to produce – and so for the Mother Earth denim has earned its place as a totem of thrifting as it is not only a smart look when thrift Ung but the sustainable choice. Look for a classic denim jacket or a great pair of jeans.

Mirror Mirror

They say breaking a mirror is seven years bad luck, but I say scoring a mirror is the seventh totem. Thrift store mirrors are so versatile. Hang them, use them as a setting with a candle on top, use it to personalize a make-shift vanity, take the mirror out and keep its cool frame  – the options are endless.

Bonus Totem: Take Me to be Altered

Okay so if you acquire all seven totems go nuts with this bonus. Step 1) find a dress, jeans, top, or blazer Step 2) find a tailor Step 3) turn your dress into a two-piece crop set, the jeans into jorts (the cute kind), or the blazer into a more modern cut. Have a bespoke thrift piece and you’ll be the envy of all who lay eyes on you. So there you are the seven totems of thrift. Great staples no matter your thrifting experience level. Only those with truly sophisticated thrifting machinations will curate all seven totems. Now don’t be shy share pics of your thrifting totem finds!

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